Armamento Setramar the company that deals with shipping within the Setramar Group. It currently performs sea freight services thanks to ships or vessels owned or chartered for long periods, all designed to carry bulk cargo and packages, with the possibility to transport containers too.

Thanks to its abilities and the technical and functional characteristics of its equipment, Armamento Setramar transports goods anywhere, delivers rapidly and ensures the full preservation of the load.

It also has the ability to optimize its capacity, to adopt every time a rational arrangement for the cargo and to facilitate the unloading/loading operations for the port operators, which consequently implies a great advantage to the customer’s productivity.
The motor vessels at Armamento Setramar’s disposal are used for transport and are regulated by long-term contracts. They are also used for spot-on services, most frequently along such routes as INTRAMED, the Sea of Azov, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea.

The company serves companies in the sector of steel, coal, and minerals trading and industrial processing of clinker and slag for the production of high-resistance cement, including some companies belonging to the Setramar Group itself.