The Logistics Division within the Setramar Group performs services related to the unloading, loading, storage and transfer of goods in transit at the Port of Ravenna.
It operates directly with proprietary equipment and plants installed within the 2-kilometer quay and the 800.000 square meters area it owns, thanks to more than 20 quay cranes and over 100 handling machines. All of this equipment makes Setramar the first private terminal platform in the Italian port system for solid goods in bulk and in packages, with over 7 million tons unloaded/loaded.
The functional internal railway sidings, warehouses and facilities equipped for the packaging and the preliminary processing of goods, make the Group’s logistics hub a real multi-modal and multi-purpose vessel-vehicle-railway integrated logistics platform.
The technologically advanced equipment, specialized personnel, and efficient and strict procedures compliant to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certification, allow the Division’s companies to be the best partners in the context of port logistics and maritime services.
The fact that the Group comprises specialized forwarding agencies operating since decades in the management of goods, transportation, customs brokerage and sea shipping, provides the customers with a complete port logistics service.