Founded in 1980, the Shipping and Forwarding company Marisped became part of the Group in 1996 as a strategic operator for trading with Eastern Europe (particularly Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan), the eastern Mediterranean area and the Black Sea.

The specific know-how and the well-established contact network in the Forwarding, Cargo and Liner shipping services, with a particular experience in the Eastern markets, allow Marisped to propose itself as qualified and reliable partner, gaining the support of many national and international Freight-forwarders on whose behalf has been entrusted as forwarding correspondent for their liner traffic through the port of Ravenna.

Marisped offers a wide range of specialized services for containerized traffic, break-bulk and project cargo: such as land transport, warehousing, port handling operations, loading/unloading, containerization, decontainerization, customs formalities and it also acts as a shipping agency for tramp ships and liners.