Setramar’s multipurpose terminal and bonded warehouse for foreign, domestic and nationalized goods, in addition to its VAT warehouse capable of processing more than 3 million tons of dry cargo and 100.000 containers per year, cover an area of 227.000 square meters (more than 40.000 square meters of which consist of warehouses) and comprise 10 vertical silos for grain storage directly connected to the dock, plus 4 bridge cranes and 4 mobile cranes (each with a capacity of 100 tons), and one double-tube intake tower. The advanced technology of the plants and the unloading/loading equipment ensure high yields, especially for timber, steel products and grains/seeds/flours, minerals and also for fertilizers, CTS and goods in bulk.

The use of more than 60 units of equipment ranging between fork-lifts (with a capacity up to 42 tons each) and wheel loaders, allows the terminal to introduce, handle and return any kind of goods with high rates of productivity and efficiency, satisfying thus the customers’ needs while optimizing the management of the internal logistics flows.

The 1500-meter internal railway junction on three tracks fitted with a weighing machine, a locomotive of its own for internal operations and a business unit specifically dedicated to the management of the railway, make the terminal a complete multi-modal ship-vehicle-railway platform.

The company’s stores are equipped with bridge cranes for picking operations, with a specific radio frequency system to track the goods, disinfection systems for flours, equipment for cereals milling, sacking machines, etc…

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Certificate OHSAS 18001:2007

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Certificate GMP+