Setrasped is a forwarding and custom agency that deals conventionally stowed goods (timber, dry bulk, project cargo, iron and steel, packaged goods and also fruit and vegetables), and with containers in transit at the Port of Ravenna. The company is able to provide its customers with the full range of services related to cargo shipment like tracking the shipped goods, monitoring those in storage, dealing with the Customs formalities concerning the cargo’s entry and exit in and out of the port, and processing the relative fiscal and health records. In addition to all of these services it also offers its assistance for the unloading/loading of goods, storage operations and transportation through vehicles, railway and intermodal means.

The close collaboration with the terminal operators and port facilities of the Setramar Group allows Setrasped to provide advanced logistics services to its own customers who request them, achieving a higher rate of customization.
The company’s activity is supported by an integrated computer system able to interface with that of the customers.