STA deals with the financial, administrative and accounting management for the entire Group, in addition to the management of the personnel and the IT system.
The high professionalism and experience of its employees in addition to advanced management software, allow the Group to plan strategies, and actions, and to monitor carefully and in real time the economic-financial results, making the resource management of the company’s entire assets, both synergistic and integrated.

The modern systems for HR management and for staff coordination adopted by STA guarantee to the Group’s companies the best internal organization along with the availability of a qualified personnel. The staff’s skills and competencies are further enhanced thanks to upgrade paths adapted to each individual person.

One of the crucial roles within the organization is assumed by STA’s IT consultants who are committed to creating functional management software to control activities, especially in the Logistics Division, in order to better meet specific needs and to ensure a high degree of customization depending on the customers’ requirements.