semi-finished products for industrial purposes. Though it has operated mostly in the coke industry back in the nineties, today it mainly deals with raw materials and semi-finished products for the ceramics industry, steel, mining, cement, steel processing and energy deriving from natural raw materials.

Thanks to its professionalism and an experience gained over the years, Adriacoke is not just a trader able to meet the commercial needs of its customers, but also a partner capable of suggesting the most suitable logistics solutions for a better management and delivery of the processed goods. The streamlined and efficient organizational structure allows the handling of large batches for the customers (according to the strictest concept of a trading company), and also of smaller quantities (according to a distribution concept of scrupulously meeting the specific requests).
The fact that the company’s head offices are located inside the Port of Ravenna, the main national port for bulk goods, constitute an optimization, efficiency and efficacy factor for the services offered.