It was Domenico Poggiali who first laid the foundations of Setramar Group in 1965 when he founded Transwood, a company dealing with the transportation of timber to and from the Port of Ravenna, Italy. As the company’s activities expanded to encompass the sector of port logistics, International Docks was added to it, and later became Setramar Spa. During the same period, the group invested in the best Chianti wine tradition through the acquisition of Felsina, inaugurating thus a new course of production in the agricultural sector. From 1968 to 1970, Setramar purchased areas adjacent to the port’s quays to build warehouses in order to combine the loading/unloading services with services of custody, storage and shipment of goods, predominantly dry bulk, consolidating its position as the first private port operator in Italy.

Setramar continued to develop and grow through the years. Since 1973, Setramar specializes in providing integrated port services, such as freight, shipping, port towage and anti-pollution activities; it deploys its own subsidiaries for the provision of technical services and assistance to all the companies across the Group.

In the mid-nineties, Setramar became an industrial player collaborating with major international operators at the Port of Ravenna. It initiated a process for the diversification of its activities which involved trading and production activities based mainly on raw materials meant for industrial purposes.

In the decade following the year 2000, the Group ultimately expanded its investments to include the energy sector too, while maintaining and expanding the development of the Agrifood sector.